12 creepiest Android apps

There are millions of Android apps but you usually only see the top apps lists. But there are also some really strange and creepy apps that you should know about. While you may think these apps could be useful in some situations, trust us, that’s definitely not the case.

1. Secret Selfie : People take selfies all the time. You may even see people with so-called “selfie sticks.” But now you can be that weirdo who takes a selfie without the camera being visible on your screen. If you have absolutely no self esteem, this is for you.

2. Spy Camera Phone : Ever wanted to take a picture of someone without them knowing? It’s already hard to do with that shutter noise, but Spy Camera Phone hides the camera behind another app and lets you be a creeper and take pictures of people without them knowing.

3. Mobile Number Spy Location : There’s a lot of information attached to a phone number and Mobile Number Spy Location gives you the tools to track people. It says you can follow a child’s movements, but really you’re going to follow some random person you met at a bar.

4. Background Check BeenVerified : Met someone special? Want to know if they’ve had run-ins with law enforcement? Background Check BeenVerified gives you one complete background check every month. Don’t go wasting it if they’re not the one.

5. Stalk App : The official name is s.Talk, but what’s that spell? Stalk lets you chat with friends and family, but really you want to find people that are nearby. Stalk lets you do that. When a screenshot of an app says “I don’t stalk, I investigate,” it’s a winner.

6. PhoneWatcher : Don’t trust your significant other or your kids? Install PhoneWatcher and get records of all their text messages and phone calls. It’s an excellent way to build trust.

7. PoopLog : If you love statistics, knowing the trends of your poop might be really useful. But if you feel the need to log your poop for the rest of your life, that’s just weird.

8. Hot Asian Girls Photos : Got yellow fever but haven’t admitted it yet? Keep your fetishes a secret with photo albums of Chinese and Japanese girls. Or go teach English in Asia.

9. Pickup Lines & Flirty Jokes : “So we’re friends now, when do the benefits kick in? ;)” Someone please try this in real life.

10. Penis Enlargement : From the description: Follow these tips and you will increase your penis size up to 1.5 inches within 3 months. Good luck.

11. Gay-O-Meter Full Version : We can’t even….

12. Butt Analyzer : You take a photo of someone’s butt and it tells you how attractive it is. Rely on technology to make decisions for you.

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