3 of the strangest subreddits about technology

Reddit, the self-proclaimed “front page of the internet,” is many things: social news aggregator, web content rating site, and discussion board. One of the best parts of Reddit is its communities or subreddits; user-curated boards which can get a little weird (looking at you, r/birdswitharms ).

So, given that we’re a tech site let’s delve into some of the strangest subreddits about tech.

Top 3 weirdest technology subreddits

1. Tech Support MacGuyver

This subreddit emulates the DIY kung-fu of the titular character played by Richard Dean Anderson in the ABC TV series, “MacGyver.” A secret agent fixes problems ( he’s fixed a LOT of problems ) with nothing more than a Swiss Army Knife, a roll of duct tape, and good-old-fashioned ingenuity.

The subreddit defines a MacGuyvered solution as fixing something with parts not intended for the replacement, and/or using unorthodox methods to get something broken working again. The key to a successful post is not necessarily whether the repair actually works, but more that it is in the spirit of the endeavor.

To name just a few MacGuyvered solutions, there’s the must-have cyborg fashion feature the Raspberry Pi Fitbit , this totally efficient solution to a broken touchscreen , and finally – my favorite – the proprietary new Apple iPad Plunger Stand .

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2. Tech support gore

If the spirit of Tech Support MacGuyver makes you smile, tech support gore might make you weep. This subreddit is the kind of thing that makes IT repair people wake up in the middle of the night, gasping for breath, clutching the sheets, and sweating buckets.

If you’re the kind of person that cringes at a cracked screen, this subreddit will make you run for the hills. Useful to bookmark in case someone in IT keeps bugging you. Just send them a few links and watch them run away.

A few personal favorites include this botched scanner repair , the “highly efficient” electrical earth , the “why is my mobile battery is always running out,” and the actual horror of realizing that the phone holder in your car, was definitely NOT a phone holder .

3. Battlestations

No, not the announcement aboard a naval warship to alert the crew to prepare for battle. Instead, this subreddit is a haven for high-quality images of users’ desktop computing setups, and we’re talking serious setups that reach the levels of the aesthete.

Get ready for some serious desktop envy. If your idea of a good time is water cooling, LED lights, multi-screen setups, and high-quality cable management, come on in. They have the comfiest seats, too. Basically, this is a relaxing haven for everyone traumatized by tech support gore.

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The subreddit was also graced with a cosmic battlestation by a certain mustachioed astronaut nerd (no super sweet LED’s, but one of the most complicated battlestations in the world).

Shout outs to fellow subs r/battletops (for laptops), and r/shittybattlestations (self-explanatory).

That completes our roundup of the strangest tech subreddits. Special mention goes to r/totallynotrobots , where humans who are totally not robots can share fun stories about how fun it is to be a human.

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