Best online tools to help battle addictions and vices

Anyone struggling with addiction should know that recovery gets far easier with a good community. While personal strength and determination may work for a select few, the rest of us need buddies, time, and a good plan.

There are apps that can help you along your journey.

We should mention two things first: while addiction can be considered bad, we aren’t saying the things that cause it always are. Alcohol can be fine if you drink responsibly. We aren’t trying to make moral assertions.

Second: if you think fighting addiction with an app sounds odd, remember nothing that makes a positive difference should be considered weird!

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Top accountability apps

Screen Accountability

The following two apps allow others to monitor your browser history , at your level of comfort. While intended to keep you from watching pornography, they can be used to monitor other sites as well.


It’s your account, you are in charge.

Accountable2You doesn’t set restrictions on internet usage, it notifies your chosen supporters of your site views. You may be wondering, “How does it know what to send?” The answer depends on how you design the experience.

You decide who you want to notify, when to notify them, and what devices are attached to your account. You can schedule weekly reports to your supporters, and decide if serious risks will result in immediate messages. If a malicious site doesn’t trigger the warning for some reason, you can add specific URLs and keywords to the list of banned sites.

To reduce restrictions or delete A2U, you must provide a reason, which gets sent to the members of your group. This way, you can’t just delete the app and relapse without letting your supporters know.

A monthly subscription costs $7 for each individual and $12 for a family. However, an individual plan already accepts six devices.

Covenant eyes

CovenantEyes works much the same way as Accountable2You, with a few more features. Most importantly, CovenantEyes promotes more discussion than Accountable2You, which centers on notifications. The added ability to have a conversation can help build community faster.

Not only that, but the app also provides the option to block certain websites that are a severe issue, which could be extremely useful.

The service costs $12-16 per month.

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Phone Apps

Sober Time

Although the title says “Sober,” this isn’t simply an app for those struggling against a controlled substance. Enter any type of addiction and record the year, day, and hour you stopped. From there, the app keeps track of how long you’ve been “sober!”

Earn “awards” for every stage completed, from minutes, to days, to the first year. If your addiction costs money, track how much you’ve saved by going clean. Finally, edit relapses and add notes for later!

Sometimes easy is more effective.


HabitShare works more like a checklist than an accountability app. You can add things you want to remember, set daily notifications, and maintain those good habits.

So, if it’s just a checklist, why did we include it? The reason is that HabitShare allows you to add friends and have them support you!

It may not be made for accountability purposes. Sometimes a mallet can do a hammer’s job just as well, right? And if you’re trying to increase your productivity at the same time, this app might be perfect.


Fortify, like Sober Grid below, works akin to a social media program, along with many aspects of the other apps.

You can read and respond to posts created by your buddies. Visit the “training” page for resources on your journey to recovery. Create a post, join a discussion, and rate how your day went. Track your progress with daily metrics, and a growing count of how long you’ve been clean.

We recommend Fortify if you want all the features! Thanks to their well-designed user interface, you can pick and choose what functions to use or avoid with relative ease.


BrainBuddy creates an experience for the user. Not only does it track your progress, but the app also uses information you provide to help you understand you. It determines what starts the temptation process , where you’re most at risk, and what times you’re likely to give into temptation.

Whereas many other apps allow you to create an experience, BrainBuddy itself becomes a companion that offers daily exercises meant to renovate your habits and foster a better self!

The downside? It requires a $13 monthly payment to use. Still, this makes its large number of faithful users even more impressive!

Sober Grid

Sober Grid focuses specifically on alcoholics and connects users with each other based on their location. You can enter groups and immediately be placed with other like-minded users. For example, the “100 Day Challenge” team is ready to accept newcomers!

Unlike Fortify, this app sticks close to its guns. It looks to friends for mutual encouragement with a few other bells and whistles. There are “Quests” to choose from and inspirational material provided, but nothing to get in the way of establishing real connections with real people.

If you need a support group, consider finding it here!

Wrapping up

If you are battling an addiction, find the treatment that works best for you. Whether it is attending meetings, or attending a rehabilitation center, learn how to best control your urges, and get on the path to recovery.

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