Convert your audio/video files with Realplayer Converter

Once you've installed RealPlayer, you gain access to the RealPlayer Converter utility tool and as the name suggest allows you to convert your audio/video files to a formats compatible with portable devices, such as the iPod, PSP, Zunetc

To access RealPlayer Converter

Click on Start > Type "Real" in the search bar

Select Realplayer Converter from the list

First Use

To add your files simply:

Click on the Add button and make your selection

Drag and drop the files over the program interface.

Right click over an item in your Realplayer library > Convert to (Multiple selection allowed -Use the CTRL button)

Once your files are loaded (Note that you can add multiple files, both audio and videos), they shall be displayed in the program interface:

In the "Convert to" section select the type device for which you want to perform conversion:

Choose the destination folder:

Finally click on the "Start" button

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