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Instant Messaging software, MSN Messenger or Windows Live Messenger verifies email addresses during the registration process. If the Email address not verified appears on the MSN Messenger it means that the email address has not been verified. External email addresses that are not provided by the MSN Network have to be verified manually by registering the email address on the Windows Live ID. Microsoft requires users to verify email addresses in order to prevent unauthorized account creation. Once the email address is verified to the user, the Email address not verified message can be deleted manually.


When you use MSN Messenger or Windows Live Messenger with an address not provided by the MSN network (ie does not end with @ hotmail @ msn or @ live), you must either register the email on the "Windows Live ID" or verify that you are the owner of the address.

If you have not done this the "E-mail address not verified" message remain permanently next to your nickname on MSN Messenger even if you delete it manually.

To remedy this annoying registration process you should check the email address you use to connect to MSN.

Activate your address with a confirmation e-mail automatically

Go to this address: https://login.liveom/login.srf?wa=wsignin1.0&rpsnv=13&ct=1607012923&rver=7.3.6960.0&wp=SAPI&wreply=https%3A%2F%2Faccount.liveom%2Fverifysi.aspx%3Fmkt%3Den-us%26rp%3Dsummarypage%26uaid%3D5f7949d0f28041588e479114ab0c60dd&lc=1033&id=38936&mkt=en-US&uaid=5f7949d0f28041588e479114ab0c60dd

Register with the address and password that you entered to use MSN Messenger (which is not necessarily an address @ hotmail @ msn or @ live).

Click on "send me a verification e-mail". Once done, check your mailbox.

You will receive an email Click on the link just below "1. Copy the following web address"

You will be redirected to a webpage where you can confirm that your address has been validated.

You can now connect to MSN Messenger and delete the "Email address not verified" message next to your username.

Configure your email address so that it works on MSN Messenger

If you have a functional email address and you want to use MSN Messenger there is no need to create a new one. Just click on this link then select "Yes, I'd like to use my current email address.


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