How About Canon RF50mm F1.8? Is It Worth Buying?

Canon has introduced a large aperture standard fixed focus lens adapted to EOS R system. RF50mm F1.8 STM. Many users are considering whether to buy. Today, let's take a look at Canon RF50mm F1.8.

As a large aperture fixed focus lens. Canon RF50mm F1.8 is excellent in image quality and picture performance. It can realize the virtual effect of highlighting the main body. Its 50mm focal length is close to the viewing angle of human eyes. It is light and portable. For beginners who like photography.

Canon RF50mm F1.8 is a good choice.

Canon RF50mm F1.8 weighs 160g. It is light and easy to carry. Its lens length is 40.5 mm. It is light with the R series miniature SLR camera. Many photography lovers call it biscuit head. Because it is as small as a biscuit. In style, like many cameras, the matte shell and metal control ring. It looks low-key and stable.

The closest focus distance of the camera lens has been shortened to 0.3 meters. This data, combined with the maximum magnification of 0.25 times of the lens. It can shorten the shooting distance. So as to obtain a macro shooting effect.

The optical design of the lens follows the Gaussian structure of EF 50mm f/1. 8 STM. Add 7 anti-insertion knife diaphragm blades. This enables the camera to restore the picture effect more truly when shooting portraits and other objects. When shooting some dot light sources at night. It can form beautiful round light spots. In the environment of insufficient light, the large aperture of camera F1.8 can ensure sufficient exposure. The camera has anti-shake function. Novice can take clear photos.

It is worth mentioning that. It uses a compact lens design of 5 groups and 6 pieces. The first lens adopts concave design. This can avoid fingerprints and stains on the lens during shooting. You can take good care of the lens. Prevent accidental scratches. The aspheric lens of the lens is designed to control the incident light. This can compensate for various aberrations. Improve the image quality performance of the lens to make the picture clearer. Canon RF50mm F1.8 is good in anti-dispersion capability. When shooting some metal objects, there were no problems such as "purple light".

Generally speaking, Canon RF50mm F1.8 has good performance. The camera is light, small in size and convenient to carry out. Its configuration is suitable for shooting portraits, pets, food, etc. For novice photographers and professional photographers. Canon RF50mm F1.8 is a camera worth buying.

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