How To Create a ZIP File on a Mac

If you want to send large files, batch send multiple files, or simply create additional space on your computer, you should try compressing your files by creating a ZIP file of them. As a Mac user, the process is fairly straightforward.

This tutorial will walk you through the necessary steps. Select the file that you would like to compress. If there are multiple files, select them all. You can do this either by clicking and dragging your mouse to create a box around them or by holding down the ⌘ key on your keyboard as you select each file.

Right-click on the file or group of files, and select Compress [name of file/number of files]:

A new compressed file titled will appear alongside your files. You can now easily send its contents to someone or rejoice that you've freed up some space on your disk.

Opening a ZIP file on a Mac is also quite simple. When you double-click the ZIP file, a normal folder will appear somewhere around it.

Click the folder to open it, and its contents should be easily accessible to you.

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