How to make a space in your html document

Most browsers do not show spaces as they truncate them into a single space. No matter how many spaces are added in the code, a browser will only show one. It is not necessary to be a webmaster in order to know how to make a space in your HTML document. HTML tags recognize a non-breaking space. This method is the first way to insert a space in the HTML document. Spaces can also be inserted through the advanced settings in their CSS files. A basic knowledge of HTML may be required to understand the pros and cons of making a space in your HTML document through the code.

In HTML, a browser will not display consecutive spaces between letters. They will always display only the first one. To get around this, you should use the following place-holder code:

There are also advanced settings that you can change in your CSS file that will allow the spaces to be inserted automatically. More information about this can be found here.

Note: You will need basic understanding of HTML to be able to make sense of the codes and their uses.

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