How to Merge and Manage Multiple Social Media Accounts

Maintaining a presence on social networks is a key element in digital marketing strategies for a companies, brands or professionals. Sometimes having multiple accounts on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or Twitter can fulfill this strategy, for example if a company manages several brands in multiple locations and wants different channels for each one. However, if this activity is subject to change, it may only be necessary to keep one account per social network. In this article we will explain how to merge your accounts and pages on social networks and we present some tips and tools to easily manage them .

Social Networks and Their Impact on Digital Strategy

A well conceived digital strategy develops brand or business awareness, generates traffic to a commercial website, highlights special offers and opens a communication channel between a business and your clients.

In view of the above, a company must choose the social network channel that best suits its needs according to its communication objectives and changes in its strategy. This allows for a more fluid management in order to generate and increase engagement with potential and existing followers or clients.

The need to merge accounts can arise in certain situations:

When a company or professional wants to recover the administration of a duplicate account to integrate it into an existing one.

to integrate it into an existing one. When the company changes its communication strategy and no longer wishes to use diversified accounts.


How to Merge Facebook Pages

As administrator of the pages to be merged, you can make your request at this link, as long as the pages have similar names, they represent the same business and their address is the same - if it is a physical establishment.

You can keep the page with the most followers and you will also gain those of the deleted page. In the case of premises or establishments, the number of visits is also added to the page that you keep. However, all content on the deleted page disappears (posts, photos, comments, username). You can keep the content history by downloading it in Settings> General> Download page .

Note : Facebook does not offer the ability to merge personal profiles, since having more than one personal account is a violation of community rules of the platform. Thus, you can close the account that you will not use after assigning your page or group administrator role to the account you want to keep (if applicable) and download your information because everything will be deleted.

How to Manage Multiple Accounts or Facebook Pages

Facebook gives you the possibility to manage a maximum of 25 pages or advertising accounts on condition that they are "related" to the user's profile. Although you need a personal account to create a page, they are independent. As an administrator, you can assign the roles of administrator (to a maximum of 25 users), editor, moderator, advertiser and analyst. You can also enable or disable account notifications and comment as "user" or "page." To switch from one account to another, click on the menu located in the upper right corner of the home page and select the desired page.


How to Merge Instagram Accounts

At the moment it is not possible to merge Instagram accounts. However, you can transition and give visibility to the new account from the account you intend to close like so:

Leave a link to the new account in the Biography website section ( Edit profile> Website )

) Change your username and post an image to draw followers' attention to the account change.

Complete the process by contacting followers, either by private message or public comment.

Before deleting the account, save photos from your Instagram on your PC!

How to Manage Multiple Instagram Accounts

Since February 2016, Instagram offers the function of managing multiple accounts in the iOS and Android app (maximum 5 accounts per user). To add one, just click on the three-line menu> Settings> Add account. Then each can be accessed from the main interface. The application makes no distinction between the creator and an administrator. Access is allowed as long as the user has the correct password. If an administrator wants to cancel someone else's access, they must change the account password.


How to Merge Twitter Accounts

It is not possible to merge two Twitter accounts. However, as in Instagram, you can give visibility to the account that you are going to keep from the profile bio to close, as well as change the username and avoid any new subscription, choosing the option Protect my Tweets . Finally, contact the most influential subscribers directly from the new account.

How to Manage Multiple Twitter Accounts

It is possible to manage multiple Twitter accounts in the application for Android, iOS and from your computer on this web page, Twitter Lite or the Twitter app for Windows. Just tap the Twitter icon > Go to Create a new account / Add an existing account .


How to Merge LinkedIn Accounts

It is feasible for a user to have multiple email addresses and this will lead to the automatic creation of multiple accounts in the professional social network. Merging duplicate accounts and LinkedIn contacts is only available on the computer version and requires you to login your account and go to Settings and privacy> Account> Account management> Integrate LinkedIn accounts . Confirm the email address and password of the account to be merged. Next, choose the account that will be removed.

LinkedIn also offers the merging of an inaccesible duplicate account if you have forgotten the email address or password.

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To achieve precise goals and build a community of followers, each platform requires constant attention, regular posts, and user interaction.

A Community Manager is of great value for the external communication of a company, since they are in charge of creating, programming and managing content on social networks in order to communicate with clients in a more direct, creative and personal way.

is of great value for the external communication of a company, since they are in charge of in order to communicate with clients in a more direct, creative and personal way. A good social media strategist allows your business to better manage the time spent and benefit from an ROI (return on investment) that is easier to monitor.

(return on investment) that is easier to monitor. It is key to adapt your publications to each of your accounts on social networks, even on the same platform, so as not to saturate the user.

With the help of various online tools, you can follow and manage your activity on social networks more efficiently:


Possibly Hootsuite is the online platform most used by individuals and corporate community managers , who manage multiple social media accounts on a single dashboard. This allows campaigns to be run and monitored from a single location. Find more details about Hootsuite in this [/ faq / 9983-hootsuite-the-best-tool-for-managing-social-networks-easy-and-quick article].


Buffer is an online dashboard that allows you to schedule the publication of your content. It is generally used for platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. In addition, the program provides an analysis of the user's engagement and the scope of the publications.


Tweetdeck is an online application that allows you to program tweets , view and respond to the activity of different accounts of Twitter in a single control panel.


The If This Then That allows you to create automated tasks between your social media accounts, blogs and applications bold > from recipes or applets . You just need to create an account and give access to your profiles and linked accounts. Thus, as soon as you perform an action, IFTT launches the scheduled task, which can be a publication for example.

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