How to Select and Store Watches

Watches are fashionable accessories. You can match watch with your casual and formal attire. You can find watches of various materials, styles and prices. You can study watch brands. Determine your favorite materials and styles and set a budget. Then you will find a suitable watch.

2. Collect ideas. You can see eye-catching watches in magazines or on the Internet. You can inquire about relevant comments on the Internet. Use the Internet to search for topics such as "Watch Trends", "Watch Comments" and "Popular Watch Brands". Collect ideas and consult netizens. Local merchants specializing in the watch industry can provide expert advice. You can also seek advice from friends or family members who wear watches.

3. Find an individual watch. Finding the right watch for you is a personal decision. You can choose the most fashionable or popular watch. This maybe not the most suitable for you. You should look for watches that suit your personal style and taste. Watch brand has its own personality style. You can choose for yourself. For example, Rolex watches are luxurious and elegant. You can understand the personality of the brand through their marketing methods.

Store watches

1. Take off your watch when engage in moderate or high-intensity physical exercise. So is exercise. Take off and put it in a safe place. Hint: You can buy a watch bag for frequent physical exercise. Whenever you take off your watch, please put it in your bag. Stuff it into your pocket to avoid losing it.

2. Do not place the watch face down on the table. Please place it face up. be sure to place its dial up. Unfold the strap evenly. Ensure it lies flat on the surface. If you put the dial of your watch down on the table, you may scratch the surface.

3. When not wearing a watch, please watch it in a protective cover. Please put it in a mild and dark environment to protect it for a long time storing. You can buy protective covers online or from watchmakers.

4. Please hold the watchband tightly or grasp the outer edge. Whether you wear or take off the watch. Touching the surface directly will transfer the residue or dirt from the hand to the watch surface.

5. You should Wear bracelets and bracelets on the other wrist. It can protect the watch. Please keep these jewelries away from the watch. Put jewelry on the wrist next to the watch may scratch the surface of watch. Jewelry may slip off when you walk around.

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