If your hard drive has crashed is iTunes lost ?

Apple's iPod is one of the pioneering portable media players available on the market today. One can transfer the iPod library to the hard drive of the PC. If the hard drive has crashed and the user wants to want move the library back again then some problems may take place even if iTunes can be loaded to the new drive. There are two solutions to this problem. For the iPod's music to appear in the library one has to make changes in the settings of Hidden Files and Folders and iPod_Control. This solution will only work if iTunes and iPod are not synced. If the music has been purchased from the iTunes store then the user will need to contact the support team to solve the issue.


I would like to move my iPod library back to new hard drive in the original computer. I can reload iTunes but cannot get all my library back.


If you've purchased music from the iTunes store,

Go here: https://support.appleom/itunes

Go to the bottom of the page and Click Contact Us

Tell them your problem. They'll contact you and you may be able to re-download those missing files.

If there is music on your iPod that doesn't appear in your library:

Go To My Computer

Make sure hidden folders are shown by going to Tools > Folder Options > Hidden Files and Folders > Show Hidden Files and Folders > OK

Double click your iPod

Click on a folder named iPod_Control

Click on a folder named Music

Highlight and drag the music folders into your iTunes Library.

Note: this might not work if you synced your iPod with iTunes!


Thanks to aj for this tip on the forum.

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