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Windows Live Mail or WLM as many people commonly refer to it as, is a free of charge email client from Microsoft. Initially Windows Live Mail was compatible only with Internet Explorer. Later versions were also made compatible with Firefox. Until now, Windows Live Mail was not compatible with other OS. Despite this, users mau still encounter an error which does not give the user access to the full version of WLM. To work around this, the user will need to download and install a specialized software called User Agent Switcher and act as a Windows system user. Here the user needs to add the description of Firefox for Windows and select the relevant settings to enjoy the full version of WLM.

Windows Live Mail is the latest version of Hotmail launched by Microsoft.


At first, Windows Live Mail was only compatible with Internet Explorer. Since then, WLM has been modified by Microsoft to become compatible with Firefox 1.5 (or latest version) as well. However it still isn't compatible with other OS. When trying to access Windows Live Hotmail, you might receive the error message below:

This version is more suited to your browser. The full version of Windows Live Hotmail requires Internet Explorer version 6.0 or latest (check the system requirements before installing). The full version also works with Firefox 1.5.


Below is a solution to the problem: the solution is to cover up as a user of a Windows system.

To be able to do so, download and install the User Agent Switcher extension on the link below:


Then go to Tools/ User Agent Switcher/Options/Options .

. Category: User Agent , then click on Add and fill in the two fields as below:

, then click on and fill in the two fields as below: Description: Firefox for Windows

Firefox for Windows User Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en; rv: Gecko/20071127 Firefox/

This will enable you to use the full version of Windows Live Hotmail.

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