Logitech Mouse Not Detected

Are you unable to detect your new Logitech mouse? A number of people have experienced this problem after having installed Logitech Setpoint (the mouse management tool). This article will explain what the problem is and how to fix it.

What Is the Problem

The only tab that appears is "option" and you can not access the advanced settings of the mouse, such as the sensitivity setting. However, the mouse is recognised by Windows PC and is functioning properly. But there is only three DPI settings: 400, 800 and 2000.

How to Fix It

For some unknown reasons the problem is related to the CDDRV/CDDRV2 directory which looses its functionality after installing Setpoint. For the mouse to be taken into account it had to be listed in the Device manager pane as the "Logitech HID-compliant cordless mouse" and not "HID mouse". But it is the role of the cddrv directory to provide such information to the system works:

Necessary Steps

Download the Setpoint.

Extract its contents to a directory of your choice.


Launch the application CDDRV_installere found in the 1-SetPointCDDRV

Now launch Setpoint and your mouse should be detected.

Photo by Yasin Hasan on Unsplash

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