PHP Advanced Guide 2021

PHP is a common open-source scripting language. Many people may not understand it well. Don't worry. We just need to know. PHP is a site-building language. PHP can be used to build websites. Junior PHP programmers on the market are saturated. If you want to stand out, PHP technology must be improved. The following is an advanced technology about PHP. PHP programmers who want to get a promotion and a raise can have a look.

1. Linux

Programmers need to understand Linux's basic commands and basic service configurations. Include rpm installation files and various service configurations. Programmers should be able to write simple shell scripts and AWK/sed script commands.

2. Nginx

Programmers should be able to install and configure nginx + php. You need to know the basic nginx core configuration. Understand basic configurations such as server, fastcgi_pass, access_log. The goal is to make nginx+php_fpm work.


You have to be able to build MySQL. You need to know the basic MySQL configuration options. The difference between innodb and myisam. Different configuration options for the IiioDB and MYISAM engines. The difference between the two engines and the choice above. You need to be able to compile and build a MySQL database and configure the coding to run normally and stably. The core theme is to be able to build a workable MySQL database.

4. PHP

You need to know the basic syntax array of PHP. String, database. XML, SSocket, GD/ImageMgk image processing. Familiar with various APIs (MySQL/MySQL/PDO) linked to MySQL operations. You need to know how to solve various coding problems. Skilled PHP framework (ThinkPHP, Zendframework, Yii, Yaf). Understand how the basic MVC works and why. You need understand differences between different PHP frameworks. You need to learn an MVC framework. Know the file directory organization in the development project. Have basic good code structure and style. Complete the development of small systems and a module in medium-sized systems.

4. Web Front End

You must be familiar with DIV + CSS + JavaScript. Now the weight of the front end is getting heavier. Various frameworks have emerged. Such as Vue.js, React.js, Angular.js. They are popular with enterprises. If you have a solid foundation for development, it will be easy to learn.

6. Development System Design

You'd better be able to complete the basic design of small systems. This includes simple database design. You need to complete the basic design and development work. From browser to Nginx + PHP to database schema. In order to support the development and maintenance of websites. It has hundreds of thousands to millions of flow every day.

7. Language Learning in Other Fields

You need to accumulate in the basic PHP/C/C + + language. I suggest that you can try to learn different programming languages. It depends on personal interests. For scripting languages, you can learn Python/Ruby. For functional programming languages, you can try Lisp/Haskell/Scala/Erlang. For static languages, you can try Java/Golang. For statistical analysis of data, you can learn R language. If you want to do back-end business from a different perspective. You can try Node.js. There is Nginx_Lua combined with Nginx. This can broaden your vision. Find a solution to the problem. You can go further along the road in the future.

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