Shortcuts For Inserting Data Into Excel Documents

Excel documents serve a multitude of functions and can be invaluable. They are however sometimes difficult to manipulate, especially if you want to insert a lot of information or edit numerous columns etc. Luckily there are keyboard shortcuts that one can use to format the Excel document to your specific requirements, making data entry much quicker. In this article we'll provide shortcuts to insert names, functions or data.

How to Insert a Name

CTRL + SHIFT + F3 : Create names automatically from the labels of rows and (or) columns

CTRL + F3 : Set a name to a cell range

F3 : To paste a predefined name

How to Insert a Function

ALT + = : Allows you to insert a Sum formula automatically

SHIFT + F3 : Allows you to insert a function into a cell using the wizard function

CTRL + SHIFT + ENTER : To enter a formula in matrix form

CTRL + A : After typing the function name, the wizard displays the function in question

CTRL + SHIFT + A : After you type the name of the function, lets you add the necessary arguments for the creation of the office and the necessary brackets

Shortcuts For Inserting data

CTRL + K : You can insert a hyperlink

CTRL +, (comma): Inserts the current date

CTRL +: (colon): Inserts the current time

CTRL + ENTER : Used to insert data in all selected cells

CTRL + DELETE : Delete all text to the right of entry cursor

ALT + ENTER : To enter a new line in the same cell (wrap in a cell)

ALT + Down Arrow : Display the list of AutoComplete

SHIFT + F2 : Allows you to add or edit a cell comment

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