Swallow this to track your farts

Scientists and medics are increasingly using sensors and probes you swallow to find out more about what goes on – and goes wrong – under the hood.

Pressure readings, acidity, and medication activity can already be monitored, so it was only a matter of time before a gadget was invented that monitors your thunder down under .

Yes, swallow this vitamin pill-sized gizmo and it will travel down the Hersey Highway to record your gut gas . (Or, in adult terms, the capsule gathers readings on oxygen, hydrogen and carbon dioxide in your alimentary canal.)

The idea is to see how different diets can affect your level of internal windiness – and its health implications. But we’re just glad it gives us the opportunity to write about bottom burps .

Whereas some gases are polluting the planet, scientists have come up with a vitamin pill-sized gizmo to monitor ours. Curious to see what’s going on down under?

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