System Restore on Windows 7

What is System Restore

System Restore on Windows 7, this feature will simply restore the computer to a previous date. Windows usually saves restore points each time you install a software or after installing updates or you can create a restore point before doing any changes in Windows. If you are having problems after installing a software or a driver such as computer runs slower or other programs are not running and you are getting some errors which is caused when some system files are damaged or corrupted, you can you system restore to roll back changes.

How to use System Restore?

First you should open System Restore. There're two ways:

Type restore on the Start menu search box then click on System Restore which will appear at the top of the menu.

type: rstrui in the search box and press Enter

Now when the System Restore window is opened you can choose either:

Recommended restore

A restore point

By selecting each of the above restoring options, just click next to proceed to restore your system to a previous date or restore point.

When system restore is completed, your computer will restart automatically!

Windows will start up to a previous date which will solve problems you had!

Please note that, your files, e-mails will not be lost during System Restore.

Creating Restore Points

To know more about creating restore points:


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