The iPhone trick that’s gone viral – despite being a lie

Over the last week, several videos have been swarming the internet, supposedly containing the secret to opening an iPhone without using the Touch ID or PIN code. Ring any bells?

If not, here’s a perfect example below:

Don’t see the video? Click here .

As you can see, the “ trick ” works by first asking Siri what the time is. By selecting “Buy more tones” in the Timer feature and pressing “Home”, you can apparently bypass any of the iPhone’s security tools.

So, is this a fatal security error on Apple’s behalf? Don’t worry – not everything is as it seems!

Many of you may have tried this trick out for yourselves, and found that it does work, however if you try it on another person’s device, you’ll find you probably won’t get as far .

This is because Siri recognizes you as the registered user of your iPhone, therefore you are automatically granted full access to the phone. If you ask Siri for the time using a different finger , or on someone else’s phone, the “ Buy more tones ” option becomes inactive.

So the conclusion? Well, Apple certainly isn’t going to get into any trouble for a security breach, but it does tell us that maybe sometimes we underestimate the intelligence of these expensive little devices!

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