The three best driving simulators

Simulators allow you experience a huge range of activities that you may never otherwise have the opportunity to experience. You can fly jets, drive a tank, or even go to space .

However, there are other more grounded simulators out there. But just because they don’t launch you into the stratosphere doesn’t make them any less fun. To prove it, here is my list of the best three down-to-earth simulators .

Farming Simulator 15 ( PC | Mac ) Farming Simulator 16 ( iOS | Android )

It might look like a lot of hard work, but that doesn’t stop the Farming Simulator series from being incredibly rewarding. Building your small farm from just a few squares of dirt with only a handful of machines to your name, you must manage every aspect of the business . So, prepare to get dirty sowing your crops and then put on a suit to head to the bank for a loan to get that tractor you need.

The other surprise is just how well it is put together. From its visuals to its controls, you can almost smell the manure as you plow your fields.

I am constantly amazed at how much I enjoy my time with Farming Simulator. And even if it’s not your thing, it’s always fun to jump into a friends game and tear up their crops .

American Truck Simulator ( PC | Mac ) Euro Truck Simulator 2 ( PC | Mac )

American Truck Simulator – and its predecessor Euro Truck Simulator 2 – are relaxing, almost Zen experiences when you are cruising the open highway of their oddly shrunk down world . Following your GPS, your only worry becomes keeping an eye on your fuel.

There is some tension though. In towns and cities, avoiding roadside items can be a struggle in your massive machine. Then of course there are the other road users and the rules of the road, which require careful monitoring when you are steering up to 75 feet of truck . Where I find things get really tricky though, is when I have maneuver my client’s goods to where they want them. Never have I has so much respect for truck drivers.

Unfortunately, American Truck Simulator is currently quite light on content , so Euro Truck Simulator 2 is the better choice for newcomers.

Trainz: A New Era ( PC | Mac )

Trainz: A New Era lets you take control locomotives of all types and eras from all over the world making it perfect for railfans of all ages. Plus, it has just undergone a huge overhaul to make it look and feel better than ever.

Now you may think that controlling a train would easier than the other options on this list, after all you can only go backwards and forwards, right? But there so much more to it. You have to keep constant tabs on your speed, accounting for bends, inclines, and the carriages you are pulling. This while contending with the realistic physics and weather engine to reach your destination on time.

The only downside is the DLC. While there is a lot for free, if you want the full 26 pieces of additional paid content you can expect the price to quickly add up.

That’s it for this week. As always, remember to like, share, and subscribe if you liked this video – and let us know in the comments if you can think of any other types of simulator experiences you would like me to cover in a future show.

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