Top Equipment Needs for Opening an Auto Repair Shop

The objective of many highly expert mechanics of the auto industry is to set up the doors of their own repair facility in the future in their careers. However, building an efficient and profitable business will leave you aiming to develop more than mechanical expertise.

You'll have to fill your shop with plenty of repair tools. We're not here to slap up a large credit card bill on your behalf. We want to make things as easy as we can while making sure that you have your store stocked with the top equipment.

The auto repair equipment you'll need to prepare your shop for business comprises:


1. Vehicle Lift

Every mechanic must go under vehicles to conduct vital diagnostics and test. Your shop will require lifts to elevate vehicles up to the required height for the services you require.

Make sure to purchase lifts made of the highest quality and brand name to guarantee the availability of its parts and services. Lifts are a crucial investment for repair shops because they're designed to last for a long time.


2. Air Compressor

You'll need an air compressor that is reliable to power a range of tools in your shop, such as pneumatic hand tools, as well as auto lifts. Find the most powerful amount you are able to afford in order to ensure that you have the power you require to supply the needs of your business - an ideal example is the 120 or 60-gallon compressor.


3. Jacks, pole jacks and jack stands

Plenty of auto repairs require lifting the vehicle. This is why a durable jack will be used frequently. Purchase a high-end capacity jack with a high capacity, as well as strong jack stands that can assist the vehicle after they're raised. Pole jacks are also helpful to support axles and other elements of raised vehicles.


4. Oil caddy and oil drain

Services such as changing oil or transmission fluids will require the use of an oil caddy that is large enough to hold the biggest quantity of fluid. As your business grows and you're dealing with vehicles on lifts, an oil storage container with the ability to reach the vehicle on lifts can make the task easier and faster.


5. Jumper and charger for batteries

You're more aware of this than we do, many jobs are based on issues with charging or dead batteries. Your shop will require an excellent charging system for batteries and jumper to manage these types of issues. It's not necessary to spend a fortune, however, when you consider you'll receive lots of instances of them, it's essential to display your finest equipment to your clients.


6. Engine hoist

Engine hoists are essential to every garage or autoshops. If it's for repair, rebuilding or replacing, an engine hoist can be used for a variety of tasks within your shop. Make sure you purchase one with the power to handle the biggest engine you're planning to serve.


7. Lathe for brakes

When you're working on brake repairs, you could transfer drums or rotors into another repair service to resurface. But this can be costly and can eat your profits and time. If you purchase your own brake lathe, it will help in making brake service more profitable and efficient. This means that they'll soon be able to pay for themselves. Make sure to buy the best lathes from reputable manufacturers, to ensure that you can get replacement parts if needed.

Many of the new cars now have on-board computers that need to be read for diagnostics. A launch scanner is an essential piece of equipment for your growing business. It will enable you to quickly determine what the problem is and get the car repaired and back to the customer as soon as possible.


Obtaining Your Equipment

Having the right auto repair equipment is essential to running a successful shop. By taking the time to outfit your shop with the right tools, you can be sure that you will be able to handle any job that comes your way. Use this guide to make sure you have everything you need to get started.


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