Windows - How to access the Clipboard?

Whenever you Cut (CTRL + X) or Copy (CTRL + C) an element (file, folder, text or image from a documentc), it is temporarily stored in the clipboard. The Windows XP clipboard is in the Album Manager (except for Vista and new version of Windows).

To access it:

Click on Start > Run

Enter the the following command: clipbrd

Under Vista, this command no longer exists. To add it, just copy the file clipbrde (located Windows/system32 folder of Windows XP) in the Windows/system32 of Windows Vista.

You can also download the executable file, then do a right click> Run as administrator, and the command will be added automatically.

Other programs also allow you to display the contents of the clipboard, for example:


Windows clipboard functionality can be extended using certain extensions. These software allows you to increase the capacity of the clipboard (paste an unlimited number of items):

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