Customize the 'Send To' feature

Customize the "Send To" feature

When you right-click a folder (or file) a menu opens with the command "Send to".

This command allows you to quickly transfer a folder / file to another destination.

How modify the Send to feature

If you want to add or remove a destination from the menu "Send To", just add (or delete) shortcuts in the "SendTo".

Note: These shortcuts can point both to a folder, file or program (. exe).

How to access the folder named "SendTo"?

Firstly allow Windows to display hidden folders.

The file is now visible in C: Documents and Settings User SendTo.

Open the folder named "SendTo".

Right click on the folder (or file), while retaining the right button depressed, drag the icon in the "SendTo".

Release the button.

In the menu that appears, select "Create a shortcut here."

Restore the shortcuts "Desktop", "Compressed Folder", "My Documents", "Recipient"

Open the folder named "SendTo".

With the right mouse button, click in the window of the "SendTo"folder.

In the menu, select "New" / "Text Document".

Right click on this new document and choose "Rename" ... and in the shortcut you want, choose one of these options:

Desktop, rename it to "Desktop (shortcut). DeskLink"

For Compressed Folder, rename it to "CompressedFolder.ZFSendToTarget "

" For My Documents, rename it to "My documents.MyDocs"

Confirm with the Enter key.

key. If the t extension appears, delete it.

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