How to Choose Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Christmas is coming soon. I believe many users regretted not buying a Bluetooth speaker last Christmas. Many users will encounter various questions when buying Bluetooth speakers. This results in not buying Bluetooth speakers in the end. This article will tell users how to choose the smart speaker that suits them.

The so-called portable Bluetooth speaker must be small in size. If it is too big, it will lose the portable experience. Small volume doesn’t mean good quality. It is too small to ensure sound quality or endurance. This article does not recommend you to buy Bluetooth speakers that are too small.

Users need to consider many things when choosing portable Bluetooth speakers. The first thing to consider is the user's own needs for the scene. If users need to use the Bluetooth speaker outdoors, the necessary function is waterproof and fall-proof. The second factor is the sound quality. This is very important. Some users will think that the larger the volume, the better the sound quality. This is wrong. The bigger the block, the louder the sound will be. But the sound quality is not the better. This depends on the Bluetooth interaction protocol between Bluetooth speakers and smart devices. There are four mainstream transmission protocols. They are SBC transmission protocol, AAC transmission protocol, APTX transmission protocol and LDAC transmission protocol. The best of them is LDAC. The worst is SBC. SBC is a protocol that must be included in every Bluetooth device. If users want to use a better transmission protocol, they must pay attention when purchasing. Bluetooth devices and smart devices must have the same better transmission protocol. Once one of them does not, it will only use SBC transport protocol for transmission. This will be wasteful for devices with better transmission protocols.

I hope this article can help users when purchasing Bluetooth speakers.

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