Is Intel's CPU Really Better than AMD's?

Our daily office cannot be separated from computers. Compared with the old desktop computer. We are more inclined to use light and thin notebooks for office work. Then when choosing a notebook computer, we will care about its performance, appearance, design, etc. Today's article brings you the evaluation of notebook computer CPU.

A good CPU directly affects the sense of use of notebook computers. If the CPU is not good, it will not get stuck for a period. So when we choose laptops, the selection of CPU is essential. At present, the notebooks on the market are mainly Intel and AMD.

Intel's I-Series CPU has always occupied most of the market in the industry. But is Inter's processor really good? Many users are still struggling with how many cores they have purchased when purchasing CPU. The increase in the number of cores will indeed help the entire CPU to better handle the problem. But it is based on the performance of each core remains unchanged. If the total processing capacity remains unchanged, the increase in the number of audits will not produce any improvement in the performance, but may decline. Intel used this meaningless publicity to occupy the mainstream CPU market before. In fact, AMD's graphics card is not bad. On the integrated motherboard, AMD's processing is better. When you buy CPU, you need to pay attention to one thing, that is, frequency. For CPU with the same price, the higher the calculation frequency, the better! Computing power is the real factor in assessing the strength of a CPU. After considering the computing power, look at the quality of the manufacturer. This article is not saying that Intel's CPU is not good and AMD's CPU is good. In fact, they are all excellent, but the difference in product strength between them is not as large as the difference in market share.

These are all the views of Intel and AMD in this article. Audiences who have read this article should have a clearer understanding of the core competitive factors of a CPU. I hope this article can see if it is worth buying when users buy CPU or notebook.


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