How to customize the Control Strip on your MacBook Pro

Did you know that customizing the Control Strip on your MacBook Pro can greatly improve your internet experience? You can edit the Control Strip to make it look however you want it to look! Just follow these simple steps to customize the Control Strip on your MacBook Pro.

How to customize the Control Strip on your MacBook Pro

1. Open System Preferences

First, you will need to click the Apple menu icon that is located in the upper-left corner of the screen of your MacBook Pro. Then, once you’ve opened the Apple menu, you need to click on the System Preferences option.

2. Select Customize Control Strip

Now that you’ve selected System Preferences, click on the Keyboard option. After that, simply select the Keyboard tab. Now that you’ve gotten this far, you can select the Customize Control Strip option toward the bottom of the window. Once you’ve done that, your screen will briefly become blurry, and the customization panel will appear. In addition to that, the buttons on the Touch Bar will also enter jiggly mode.

3. Customize your Control Strip

If you want to customize the tools in the collapsed Control Strip, then you will click the Collapse button that’s located far left of the Touch Bar. If you choose to customize the full Control Strip, then select the Expand button that is found directly left of the tools in collapsed mode. You would do this if you want to move a tool from the screen into the Touch Bar to add it directly to the Control Strip. Just drop the tool into the Touch Bar and it will appear there.

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4. Remove unwanted tools and finish

If you want to remove a tool from the Control Strip on your MacBook Pro, you can move the cursor into the Touch Bar and select a tool to remove it from the Control Strip. Simply click on a tool on the Controls Strip and drag it to a new location on the Touch bar to rearrange the order. Finally, once you’re finished with customizing your Control Strip, click Done and your changes will be saved.

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