How To Deactivate Automatic Program Launch

When you download programs onto your PC running Windows 10, some are set to automatically launch when at startup. Since this is often the cause of a long and slow startup process, you may want to deactivate these startup programs. This FAQ will show you how.

With CCleaner

Download and install CCleaner. Launch it and go to Tools > Start. Then, deactivate or reactivate the programs that you wish.

With msconfig

MSconfig is a tool from Microsoft that allows you to manage your startup programs.

Go to the Start menu > Run. Alternatively, press the Windows key + R to access the Run menu. In the screen that pops up, type in msconfig and click OK.

In the System Configuration Utility window, click the Run tab. Select or unselect the programs that you would like to launch or not to launch at startup. Click OK to save your changes.

N.B. Windows 10 will prompt you to restart your computer to finish the process. However, this isn't necessary, and you can simply ignore the message. Windows 8 won't prompt you in this way.

With StartUpLite

Download StartUpLite, a program that allows you to deactivate or delete useless programs to optimize your computer's startup.

When you launch the program, a list of programs deemed useless will already be set for deactivation. If you agree with the pre-selection, you will only need to select Continue. If you wish you delete a program, you can check the Remove box. You can also choose to keep a program by, instead, checking the No action box before clicking Continue.

N.B. Take care not to delete any programs that are related to your internet connection or the security of your PC.

In case you'd like to reactivate a program that you've previously deactivated, select the Reenable disabled items.

Image: Microsoft.

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