Windows 10 - How to Customize the Start Menu

One of the most praised features of Windows 10 is certainly the Start menu, which gives a quick access to your files, programs, settings and power options (shutdown, standby...). In this article we shall discuss about the different ways you can customize the Start Menu.

Click on Start > Settings > Personalization:

Click on Start and customize your settings:

Toggle (1) Occasionally show suggestion in Start off, to disable Bing suggestions.

The (2) Show most used apps and (3) Show recently added apps switches allows you to enable/disable the display of the Most Used and Recently Added lists in the Start menu:

Toggle (4) Use Start full screen on to switch to full screen mode (just like the Startscreen of Windows 8):

You can enable/disable the display of recent items using the (5) Show recently opened items in Jump List on Start or the taskbar switch:

You can also change the size of the Start menu and thus have more app tiles displayed. Place your mouse cursor over the vertical or horizontal border of the Start Menu to display the resize handles and then make the necessary adjustments:

And finally, you can select the folders you want to be displayed in the Start menu by clicking on Choose which folders appears on Start:

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