How to Share a File with Dropbox

You have a file or folder stored on Dropbox and want to share it with other people? Here are a couple of tips that can help. This tutorial explains the different methods that can be used to share your files on Dropbox.

The first step is to connect to your Dropbox account: https://www.dropboom/login?cont=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.dropboom%2Fhome

Go to the File tab and select the folder or file of your selection and then click on the Share button:

Two options are available, you can either:

Invite people to collaborate... - The selected contact(s) can sync and edit the shared document

Send Link - Share a link allowing other persons to view the file or document. Enter the email address of the contacts with whom you want to share the folder, add a short description if needed and then click on the Share folder button:

NB: You need to update to a Pro account if you want to edit the permissions of a shared document (by default set to can edit).

Leave the Allow editors to manage membership of this folder checkbox ticked, if you want to allow the people you have invited to share the folder with other people. This option allows you to create a link to access the folder or file in read-only mode. You can share the link by email or using your favorite instant messaging software:

Open the Dropbox folder and right-click on the folder you want to share. As you will notice the sharing options are available in the contextual menu:

Open the Dropbox app, navigate to the folder or file you want to share and then tap on the small arrow button displayed next to it. The same options are available, namely Shared folder settings or Send a link to this folder:

You can manage (edit permissions, add new contacts or unshare) your shared folders via the Sharing tab on the Dropbox's website:

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