Intelligent Speaker with High Quality Sound Quality

HONOR YOYO Smart Speaker uses 2-inch 3W full-frequency speaker. The horn makes a sound down and then makes a sound by the four openings at the bottom. It can achieve 360-degree playback. It can alleviate vibration and distortion. The software matches with HUAWEI Histen acoustic algorithm. This is to make bass more vigorous and natural.

In the comparison test, the sound is gradually entering and gradually exiting. It will not turn up the volume in an instant.

In terms of volume, it is obvious that this smart speaker makes more noise. When playing music with more low frequencies, the sound of YOYO smart speaker is vigorous and powerful. There is no feeling of turbidity. When playing pop songs, YOYO Smart Speaker can restore the sound well. It sounds clear. When playing high-frequency and rich music, the sound is loud and clear. There is no broken sound due to the high loudness.

This smart sound box brings high-quality sound effects. This is through the cooperation of hardware configuration, structural design, etc. It meets the daily sound box release requirements of users. Users can play a favorite song with YOYO smart speaker voice on a quiet night or morning. It must be a good experience. Among the smart speakers with the same price, the sound quality of HONOR YOYO smart speaker is the best.

As an smart speaker, intelligence is its important quality. In AI intelligence, HONOR YOYO smart speaker is not disappointing either.

In the process of normal use, you can wake up by saying "Hello YOYO". Saying the corresponding instructions YOYO within 8 seconds after waking up. This can help us do many interesting things. For example, chatting with us, playing music, setting alarm clock, reminding the weather, etc.

YOYO Smart Speaker Supports Smart Phone Function. There is no need to insert a card into the phone, free of phone charges. Only after accessing WiFi network can a variety of call modes such be realized. The modes include sound box dialing mobile phone, sound box dialing sound box, mobile phone dialing sound box, etc.

After adding the contact's mobile phone number, you can call the person by saying "I want to call XX" to the HONOR YOYO smart speaker. You can dictate the phone number.

In the mobile phone APP, each HONOR YOYO smart speaker can generate its own two-dimensional code. By scanning the code and adding other people's intelligent speakers, the speaker can dial the speaker to the speaker.

If the mobile phone dials the sound box, it can dial the sound box. This is through the mobile phone APP or the mobile phone address book (EMUI 9.0).

In the actual test, when the network is good, the HONOR YOYO smart speaker is used to dial the mobile phone. The whole call process is very smooth and stable.

When the called user does not have a network, the speaker will call the associated mobile phone number. This is intelligent. The 5-minute call test was stable. Thanks to the excellent sound quality and sound effects, you can hear what you are saying even if you are 3m away.

Many people have to work for a long time every day. When they get home, they want to listen to music and play with their phones to relax. If you can turn on the light, turn on the air conditioner, sweep the floor and do other operations on the sofa, isn't it pleasant? Starting from the smart Mini speaker, let yourself enjoy the life of smart home!

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