Is your computer running slow? This software could help

Computers often run great the first time you buy one. Then after a year or two of use, they start to slow down. While a cynic might argue this helps manufacturers sell more machines, your software is often to blame. Either you don’t have the drivers to run it, the software was installed without your permission (by a virus, for example), or there are still a few traces of an uninstalled program clogging up your system.

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These problems are easily solved with system utilities. There are hundreds of these programs on the market, all promising to speed up your machine, identify security risks, supply missing drivers, and remove all traces of software you don’t want or use. This keeps your computer clean and running smoothly, returning its fresh-out-the-box snappiness.

We’ve tested a number of system utilities and our favourite is Ashampoo System Utilities 15 . Why? Because it includes everything you need to optimise your computer, as well as a clean uninstaller and driver updater.

At the moment, Ashampoo is offering the bundle with 80% off the retail price . We think that’s a bargain, so let’s take a look at what you get.

1. Ashampoo WinOptimizer 15

WinOptimizer is the ultimate computer clean-up and maintenance tool. It scans, analyses, and diagnoses junk files and errors, and then removes them with the click of a button – and up to ten times faster than the previous version.

Find and delete duplicate files and temporary internet files hogging up disk space. Or if you’ve deleted something in error, recover it with Undeleter. WinOptimizer also improves your privacy on Windows 10 by giving you control over what you share with Microsoft. You can even unlock extra power from your CPU in Game-Booster mode, shutting down unneeded services to increase performance until you exit the game.

2. Ashampoo Uninstaller 7

Nearly all software installations leave a trace of themselves behind when you remove them. Even if it’s just a registry entry. These small traces build up over time as you add and remove more programs, and the result is a slower, inefficient machine. Uninstaller 7 solves this problem by removing every last byte of unwanted data.

This doesn’t just apply to desktop software, but also to browser plug-ins, many of which are unintentional installations of nested or hidden programs. These range from the nefarious (malware that tracks your browsing) to the annoying (unwanted search bars), but with Uninstaller 7, you can identify exactly what’s on your PC and remove it with ease.

3. Ashampoo Driver Updater

Software bugs aren’t always the result of poor code. Often, it’s because your computer doesn’t have the right drivers to run software at its best. Drivers are updated frequently, usually without warning, so don’t be surprised to find out-of-date, corrupt, or missing drivers spoiling your system performance.

From: Ashampoo

But with Driver Updater, you’ll always have the right drivers for your machine. Driver Updater searches a library of over 400,000 drivers to find and install the most relevant and effective ones for your system. An in-built scheduler ensures you don’t miss important updates, while automatic back-up means you’ll never lose an important driver again.

Right now, you can buy Ashampoo System Utilities 15 for just $19.99 – a huge 80% off the retail price of $109.97. For consistently smooth performance, that’s a small price to pay.

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