Why you should care about PDF files

Today’s world of technology is a ruthless, unrelenting beast that refuses to decelerate. We’re at a point of innovation where every six months a new leap in speed, efficiency, or cost is made to relegate something state of the art into a medieval tool. D espite this collective contest to invent the latest and greatest, one unlikely hero seems to have withstood the test of time – the PDF file .

Before you dismiss this as an exploration into the pointless, it is worth mentioning that almost 80% of all document formats shared online today are in PDF. Here are 3 reasons why we think the PDF is here to stay, and why we all should invest in a tool like Expert PDF 8 to manage our PDF documents:

1) Keep teams in order

That’s right. Teams are a complex, interdependent web of chaos. Despite all the fancy collaboration tools that seem to pop up every three days, teams are larger, and more geographically dispersed than ever before. And here’s the problem: everyone uses different tools from PCs and Macs to Linux computers, pre-2007 and post-2007 Microsoft Office, Open Office, and, increasingly, Google Docs. This web of mixing and matching contributes to a huge mess of incompatibility.

PDF files are created independent of application software, hardware, and operating systems , and that is why the layout, text, fonts, colors, graphics, and all the other information on the file are kept constant, no matter which computer or software is used to open them. It should be no surprise that PDF files are still the undisputed king of cross-platform sharing.

2) PDF is incredibly easy to work with

Most office productivity suites allow you to save your work directly into PDF. This option is generally easy to find, but if you really want the simplest solution then consider a tool that can help you further complicate working with PDF. One such tool is Expert PDF 8 , a simple but powerful tool that works from within Microsoft Office and helps you convert Word documents, Excel sheets, or PowerPoint slides directly into PDF files.

3) Edits are possible

In most cases, PDF files are created to prevent someone other than the author editing or changing information on the document. However, if editing is necessary, then Expert PDF 8 can help you convert your PDF files into a DOC Word file so that you can keep your document up to date without starting from scratch.

PDF files have been the default filetype for document exchange for over 20 years, and the reason why it continues to be so popular is obvious. Now the challenge is to make the conversion of files into PDF as simple as possible, as well as making the conversion of PDF documents into editable files as painless. On both counts, Expert PDF 8 should satisfy even the most demanding of users .

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