No Size Limits: Send Your Large Files with this Unique Tool

One of the trends we’ve been noticing here at Softonic is that software makers are beginning to bundle more and more features into their offerings. So a piece of antivirus software might also offer optimization services, and VPN software could come bundled with anti-ransomware protection. For the most part, this has been good news for consumers, who wind up getting a lot more functionality for their money. However, what if you only need a program to do one thing and do it perfectly ? Could that actually save you money? That’s the thinking behind the newly released FileWhopper , a service that does one thing really well: securely transfer large files from point A to point B.

Easily transfer big files with FileWhopper

Pay-As-You-go Savings

FileWhopper is bucking another industry trend as well: the monthly or annual subscription model. Instead of charging your credit card every 30 days or asking you to commit to the service for a full year, the company allows you to pay each time you transfer files. The best part? Your first file or folder up to 5 GB can be sent and received completely free. After that, the service calculates the cost you’ll pay based on the file size. Before you get started, you head to FileWhopper’s website where you can drag a handy slide indicating the size of the file you want to send and see the price on the screen instantly. There are no hidden charges – what you see is what you pay. A 10 GB file, for example, costs just $1.99, while a 50 GB file would run you $9.99.

Unique Self-Deleting App

Another standout feature offered by FileWhopper is the fact that each time you want to send a file, you need to download the company’s app and use it to complete your transfer(s). Once you are done sending files, the app deletes itself from your computer, freeing up system resources.

But a cleaner hard drive isn’t the only reason FileWhopper uses a self-deleting app to handle transfers . According to the company, there simply is no way to send files fast enough and securely enough using any browser. The FileWhopper app uses multi-thread data transfer technology that works in the background, letting you continue doing other tasks as your file gets processed.

Safety First

Finally, FileWhopper offers users enhanced security protocols on all transfers . When you begin your file upload, the system generates a unique password (or it lets you choose your own) which is not stored on FileWhopper’s servers. The file you transfer is automatically encrypted and a transfer ID is generated to identify it, meaning that the actual name of the file is also not stored on the server. As only the file is being started uploading , all you need to do is share the custom link and password with the recipient who can then download it when ready. Recipients have up to 14 days to download a file after which time it is deleted from FileWhopper’s servers, so there’s no headache to find and delete the files which are already downloaded and not needed anymore.


While FileWhopper works easily, quickly, and exceedingly well in its base form, the company has also built in certain add ons that can come in handy – especially for power uses. You have the option to add an additional 14 days of file storage (for a total of 28) or five additional downloads (or both) for just $.99 each, or you can purchase something called file insurance for $1.99 which ensures that your file is stored for 90 days and can be downloaded up to three times. This adds the storage benefits of some of the online cloud services like Google Drive while also keeping your information safe thanks to the fact that your files are not stored indefinitely. It also provides you even more flexibility in terms of paying only for the services you need and not having to fund those you don’t. It’s a true win-win.

Easily transfer big files with FileWhopper

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