PHP Development Framework Ranking

Everyone knows that PHP is the most popular development language. It is very easy to operate and use for programmers. With the continuous development of Internet technology, PHP has opened many frameworks. This makes it easier for programmers to develop programs. Which frameworks are popular among people in the ranking of PHP development frameworks?

Different PHP frameworks have their unique aspects. PHP has also become the easiest web dynamic development language to learn. With the development of PHP, various PHP frameworks are also evolving. This makes it easier and more convenient to develop complex applications. Among the PHP development tools, Lavarel is a framework that everyone uses more. The current development is more focused on the front-end. The backend is just an API. This time, I will list a few popular PHP frameworks for you.

Laravel framework: It has always been the most popular PHP framework for PHP developers. This is a young framework, but with elegant syntax. You can develop your application quickly and easily. It has most common functions like routing, authentication, sessions, queues and caching.

CodeIgniter: It is a lightweight PHP framework. It can provide a simple and convenient application platform to develop Web applications. However, CI does not provide sufficient security protection. So, this framework is not the first choice for everyone's work.

CakePHP is also a popular framework for PHP developers. It is lightweight, simple, responsive and easy to write. Its templates are simple and easy to use. CakePHP is based on "CRUD". This is the most convenient and popular way to interact in the database. CakePHP also has functions like security authentication, email, session, cookie and request processing. The biggest disadvantage of CakePHP is that it does not support object-oriented.

Symfony: This has always been one of the frameworks that PHP developers use stably. It is very flexible and powerful. Symfony has many parts that can be reused. For example: security, templates, escaping, verification, form configuration, etc.

Yii2: It is a pure object-oriented framework based on the concept of DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself). It has concise programming logic. Yii2 integrates jQuery, and a complete AJAX mechanism. So, it can extend your skin and theme functions well. In general, the Yii2 framework is very friendly to developers from front-end to back-end.

THinkPHP: THinkPHP framework is a fast, compatible and simple lightweight PHP development framework. It was born in early 2006 and was originally called FCS. It was renamed ThinkPHP in 2007. It is more suitable for small projects.

The above is a ranking of the current popular PHP development frameworks for everyone. I believe there must be frameworks that everyone is using. You can try different frameworks for your convenience and experience.

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