The Influence of Music on Us

From ancient times, people came up with various ways to make wonderful sounds. For example, by hitting stones, clapping hands, throat sounds, etc. People combine these sounds to produce different melodies, so music is produced. Music is only a product enjoyed by aristocrats. Musical instruments appeared. Music is popular in society. More and more people began to engage in the music industry. Many ordinary people are beginning to enjoy the beauty brought by music. Why do aristocrats and civilians yearn for and pursue music? That's because music has a wonderful influence on us.

Music has therapeutic effects. Sound is transmitted by vibration. In the process of transmission, music is heard by the human. When it enters the human body, it will have a wonderful effect on the human. Organs in the body will resonate with music. Organs such as the heart and kidney vibrate to a certain extent. When combined with the vibration of music, the human body secretes dopamine. This secretion can promote the blood circulation in the human body. It can regulate the nerves of the brain, and enable people to be full of vitality and passion.

The most widely accepted theory is that music can have a positive effect on the human brain. Music can often stimulate the balance of left and right brains. It can enhance people's creativity and artistic sense. Especially for children with developing brains. Music can promote the development of the brain. It can improve the ability of language, analysis, reasoning and other aspects. In addition, music can improve the mood, imagination, creativity and so on of musicians by stimulating the cerebral cortex.

Music can be of great help to the recovery of patients. Music can promote sleep of patients, especially insomnia patients. Music can reduce the use of sleeping pills and sedatives. It can reduce the secondary injury of drugs to patients. It can enable patients to have a better recovery environment. When patients enjoy wonderful music, their mood will become cheerful. The speed of body recovery will increase.

For people who like sports, hearing passionate music can stimulate the potential. It can make the body in a better state of sports. Athletes in such an environment can be greatly improved.

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