What Kind of Computer is better for Business Office?

Many users want to buy a business-specific computer to help them finish their work better after they graduated. However, they do not know what kind of computer is suitable for their business office. Today, this article recommends a notebook computer to all users. Users can see if this notebook computer is suitable for them according to their own needs.

First, let's look at its appearance. HONOR MagicBook 14 continues HONOR's consistent style, low-key but textured. The gray design makes the whole computer look commercial. There is nothing but HONOR's logo on the left. The edge is sapphire design, which gives you a sense of surprise. The 4.8 mm ultra-thin and ultra-narrow screen design is adopted. It is lighter than HONOR MagicBook 15 and is more suitable for carrying out. The 14-inch screen is enough for our daily office use. The weight is only 1.38 kg. Many business people say this weight is suitable for carrying out to work.

The screen has passed the 1080P IPS anti-glare screen certified by Germany's Rhine Low Blue Light. For business people who need to work on computers for a long time on a daily basis. It is important to protect your eyes. This screen effectively relieves our eye fatigue. This notebook computer can be turned over 180 degrees. So don't worry about not being able to see the screen clearly because of a certain angle. Even outdoors, everyone can see the computer screen.

The processor is the core of the whole notebook computer. If it is a bad processor, it means that this computer will not have a long service life. It will even be caton to the point where it is intolerable. The HONOR MagicBook 14 uses a powerful Ryzen 5 4500U mobile processor. Rely on multi-core processing to make the operation smoother. The performance is improved by about 34%. The MagicBook 14 also comes with an ultra-high speed PCIe NVMe SSD storage drive. Its read speed is five times that of a standard SATA SSD driver. This means that in daily office work, programs are read and used faster. Can effectively save our office hours.

HONOR MagicBook 14 features a very secure unlocking method. That is fingerprint unlocking. The place where the fingerprint is unlocked is the place where the machine is turned on. Therefore, when the user turns on the machine, he can unlock the computer for use. HONOR's design minimizes time. Not the Kui is a business notebook must choose.

For business office. The endurance of notebook computers cannot be underestimated. Because when working outside, the most afraid thing is that the computer runs out of electricity. Or the endurance is not strong. The HONOR MagicBook 14 lasts about 10.5 hours. The 65W fast charger can enable notebook computers to get about 50% of the electricity in half an hour.

In addition, the HONOR MagicBook 14 is designed to enhance heat dissipation. Added 49% of cooling fan blades. The heat dissipation capacity has increased by 38%. Effective heat dissipation can maintain the normal operation of notebook computers. And even prolong their service life. So this cannot be ignored.

In a short, HONOR MagicBook 14 is a notebook computer suitable for business office with powerful performance and good price.


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