The Evaluation of HONOR MagicBook Pro

The most prominent is the updated 16.1-inch large screen. But the fuselage is only 15.6 inches. The weight is 1.7 Kg. Satisfy the usual entertainment of users. It is a light laptop worthy of the name. Users have the enjoyment of a large screen but the weight has not increased, which can be the reason why everyone chooses it. Besides appearance, simple gray is fashionable. The metal material makes the whole fuselage look very textured. The laptop looks very simple. HONOR MagicBook Pro chose a built-in camera. So the computer looks more concise. And effectively protect users' privacy.

This laptop combines fingerprint unlocking with power key, and fingerprint identification is sensitive. On both sides of the keyboard are sound designs, which are different from the sound positions of other laptops. Setting acoustics at both ends can make the sound quality clearer. Surround the speaker for better sound quality.

On the side of the body are three USB interfaces, a full-size HDMI interface and an audio interface. It can satisfy the daily use.

The bottom of the fuselage is a heat dissipation port. The HONOR MagicBook Pro uses a dual fan system for heat dissipation. There are more fan blades than ordinary laptop heat sink. Efficient heat dissipation helps to prolong the life of laptops.

In terms of configuration, HONOR MagicBook Pro uses an integrated AMD processor. The processor has no pressure to complete daily tedious transactions. 16 GB of DDR4 memory and 512 GB of PCIe solid state drive are much faster than traditional SATA drives. People can use multiple programs at the same time. Many people said they felt good after using it. There is no pressure for office work and games. Among laptops at the same price, HONOR MagicBook Pro is a very good choice in terms of performance and cost performance.

HONOR MagicBook Pro has very strong endurance. All-day endurance for 11 hours without pressure. With 65W fast charging, laptops can reach more than 50% of power in half an hour. It is popular with business people. When you go out to work, you are not afraid that your computer will run out

At the same time, the HONOR MagicBook Pro and HONOR series of smart phones can realize multi-screen collaboration. On HONOR MagicBook Pro, you can share files and screens on your mobile phone. This means that you can look at the computer screen and the mobile phone screen at the same time for synchronous office work.

In short, MagicBook pro is a perfect laptop. Both the 16.1-inch large screen and other configurations have become the reason why many people choose it. In your spare time, listening to dual-speaker music and watching movies on large screens will be great choices.

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