This is What Happened Last Week

This week has seen 2 tech titans fall . MS Paint and Adobe Flash Player will soon be consigned to the history books as obsolescence beckons . Life must go on, however, and at Softonic we’ve been putting together some tips and tricks to help you deal with this n ew modern and scary world that we live in.

On top of that, there have been a few stories that this week that have caught our imagination and we’ve also had plenty of fun putting together some features that’ll make you laugh.

We hope you like em and they help you enjoy the rest of your weekend .

Tips and Tricks

These apps will help you keep your Kids Safe

Kaspersky Labs, One of the best Antivirus programs now offers a Free Version

If you use Facebook on your Mobile you need to Beware of this Scam

How to stop Facebook Videos Playing Sound Automatically

Mac Keyboard Shortcuts – The Ultimate Guide

How to play High-Graphics games on Low-End Computers

Use these 5 apps to take the Best Selfies

This is how to use Gmail Smart Replies

The Best Free Alternatives to MS Paint

No Way

These Funny Amazon Reviews will have you Crying Tears of Joy

Flash in the Pan: Adobe to pull Support for Flash Player

This is the most Advanced Fitness Tracker Ever

Microsoft Paint is to be Killed off so let’s Celebrate all its Glory

Is Clark, the Recycling Robot, a Hero or a Villain?

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