Top 5 apps for pet owners

With technology advancing at a rapid pace, pet ownership is completely different than it was just a few decades ago. New apps are being invented every day to help you maintain a relationship with your pets, and provide the best care you can possibly give them. Here are some of the best apps to use if you are a pet owner, looking to enrich your experience with your pet.

Top 5 apps for dog and cat owners

Dog Whistler

This app is exactly what it says it is. With just your phone, you can have a free dog whistle play at any frequency you choose. This can be incredibly helpful if your dog is whistle trained, and you frequently misplace yours.


DoggyDatez is a great app for anyone looking to meet fellow dog lovers. You can use this app to let other pet owners know where you are and where you like to walk your pets, in order to meet other pet owners and their pets, as well.

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The app that helps you find pet sitters year round! If you’re going out of town or work away from home frequently, Rover can help you find pet/house sitters, and dog walkers from all over.

Dog Buddy – My Dog File and First Aid

Dog Buddy is the perfect app for organizing your pet’s medical records and any to-do lists you need to make for them. It basically works like a journal for your dog, allowing you to record detailed medical information, as well as adding photos and other fun info about your pet. Pet Diary is an Android alternative that provides a similar function.

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Pet First Aid

It can be tricky to decide when it’s best to go see a vet, or when your pet is just acting a little strange. It can also be scary when your pet has an accident and you’re not sure what to do in that moment. Red Cross’ Pet First Aid app is perfect for every pet owner, as it gives detailed advice for anyone facing either of these predicaments.

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