What Are the Highlights of the Smart Bands?

Band 5 is simple in appearance design. The watchband is made of silicone. It is comfortable to wear on hands. It has no extra sense of restraint.

The screen is made of AMOLED material. It has dial touch function. There is a touch ring design at the bottom to return to the home page.

The 0.95-inch screen has met the requirements of most users. The brightness of the dial has five levels. The brightness is adjusted according to different levels.

At night, the brightness is reduced. It helps users to increase the endurance without affecting the use.

Following the contact-type buckle charging of previous generations, the charging method is convenient. It is without disassembling the band. The contact-type charging design ensures the tightness of the band.

It has a variety of health monitoring functions. This includes TruSleep2.0 scientific sleep monitoring and blood oxygen detection.

Oxygen saturation detection function is a major upgrade function of smart band 5.

When the blood oxygen saturation is selected in the function option of the smart band, the measurement can be carried out. During the measurement, the intelligent hand will be kept in an environmentally friendly manner.

The signal is extracted through the different reflection absorption rates. The rates are of oxyhemoglobin and deoxyhemoglobin to specific light. The pulse oxygen saturation data results are obtained through a series of algorithms.

HUAWEI's TruSeen3.5 heart rate technology can realize monitoring functions. For example, resting heart rate, 24-hour continuous heart rate, exercise heart rate, etc. In case of excessive heart rate, the smart band will remind the user to pay attention to his current heart rate status.

In terms of heart rate detection speed, compared with other brand products with the same price, the smart band 5 has a faster detection speed. The heart rate result can be obtained after lifting the wrist for 3 seconds.

The smart band 5 is equipped with a six-axis sensor. It consists of a three-axis gyroscope and a three-axis accelerator.

The sensor is responsible for sensing the three-dimensional space. The three-axis gyroscope senses the dynamic information of front and back tilt, left and right tilt and left and right swing.

The smart band has separate PPG heart rate meter, infrared light wearing detection. These with other sensors can ensure the accuracy of various data detection.

The supported exercise modes include: outdoor running, indoor running, outdoor walking, outdoor cycling. It includes indoor cycling, free training, swimming pool swimming, indoor walking and rowing machine.

Advanced hardware and software algorithms can identify different motion states. It can obtain more accurate motion data. It assists the users to better understand their motion and body states.

Such a smart band with many will attract many consumers.


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