Why is PHP the Best Programming Language in the World?

PHP, as a general open-source language, absorbs the characteristics of C language, Java and Perl in grammar. It is easy to learn and has been used in the field of web development.

PHP’s unique syntax enables it to execute dynamic Web pages faster than CGI or Perl. Compared with other programming languages, PHP embeds and executes programs in HTML documents for structured dynamic pages. And its execution efficiency is much higher than CGI, which generates HTML tags. PHP can execute compiled code, which can realize encryption optimized code operation and accelerate code operation. Its advantages go far beyond that.

Some people say that PHP shows the thought of “Two Always and Three Represents”:

1. Any language that can scold PHP is always a language that no one uses.

2. Any developer who uses PHP is always the most pragmatic developer.

3. PHP represents the most advanced productivity.

4. PHP represents the most advanced culture.

5. PHP represents the fundamental interests of the broadest developer community.

Some people say that PHP is the best language in the world. This article will talk about why PHP is the best language.

1. There are many PHP functions

The strength of PHP is that it has many functions. You just need to use it and don't need to rebuild the wheels.

2. Low PHP threshold

There is a low bar with PHP program. C-type syntax is easy to understand. And you can run WEB programs easily without special configuration. For example, after installing apache2 and PHP, and then create a PHP in the WEB directory, you can run the server-side PHP code in the browser.

3. PHP runs fast

Before PHP 5, most people thought that PHP’s code was too inefficient and slow. But after PHP7, the efficiency of code execution has been greatly improved. However, it is still slower than C + +, but it is sufficient for processing WEB, running, and WordPress.

4. PHP dominates the WEB

PHP is a rising star, absorbing the advantages of Java, C and Perl languages and focusing on the Internet. PHP has a unique advantage in the web field that no other language can compare with. In the web field, PHP occupies more than 80% of the market share. PHP ranks among the top 10 long-term programming languages in TIOBE. This is a big program because WordPress is written in PHP, and most websites on the Internet use PHP. PHP has a broad mass base and is a top-level WEB programming language.

5. PHP is easy to learn

PHP is easy to use and learn, and is regarded as the simplest language. It has the characteristics of abundant learning materials, low cost, fast development speed. And it supports for process-oriented and object-oriented programming. It is an interpreted language and does not require compilation. For those who are just starting to learn programming language, PHP is easy to master. Like any programming language, PHP has rules for coding, abbreviations, and algorithms.

In general, PHP does not need compilation. It is weak in type, develops quickly, runs stably and easy to operate and maintain. It has rich library functions, powerful hash tables (associative arrays) and almost no memory leaks, which are all obvious advantages of PHP.

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