Is PHP Hard to Learn?

PHP is a programming language for many applications and websites. This article will discuss whether PHP is difficult to master and how to learn it. I hope I can help some friends who want to learn the language.

What is PHP, is it really difficult?

PHP is a popular open-source scripting language for Web development. Many websites use PHP, including Facebook. Because it has easy-to-use features, including embedded coding of HTML. Generally, for people who are just starting to learn, PHP is considered an easy to master programming language. Like any programming language, PHP has rules for encoding, abbreviations and algorithms. Learning PHP is both easy and challenging. Of course, if you have programming experience, you may have an advantage in this study. If you are new to programming, you can borrow many resources to learn.


How to Learn PHP?

The online information is quite rich, which can help you master PHP. For beginners, you can read tutorials or PHP manuals online for free to help you learn this language. You can find some detailed courses on PHP offered by university courses. In addition to simple tutorials, you can find a lot of relevant content about PHP on the online forum. The programming community is often active. So if you have questions, enthusiastic people will provide answers. In addition, you can buy relevant books to help you learn PHP and its application methods. There are articles dedicated to specific applications of PHP, such as web design and security.

In order to facilitate your learning, the following provides you with the best website for PHP learning.

1. Academy

The Academy (formerly known as PHP Academy), is not limited to PHP, but also includes other Web development and tools.

2. Stone River E-Learning

Although Stone River e-Learning is not a specific PHP learning site, its online courses cover almost every part of the language.

3. PHP Manual.

This manual provides everything you need to achieve glory in PHP. The best thing about PHP manuals is that their pages allow users to post comments and use experiences. And unlike random comments, these comments are useful in the actual application of PHP.

PHP 101 is a website dedicated to providing excellent content and learning opportunities for beginners. It provides a lot of entertainment experience. If you just start with PHP, then PHP 101 would be a better start.

If you are a person who likes to read instead of watching video tutorials, you might like to learn PHP through Site Point. However, the depth of the content is wide, which may not be conducive to the understanding of beginners.

Udemy has similar courses, and it offers courses by experts in their field of expertise. Students can purchase these courses and benefit from them. Of course, it is not free. If you are not willing to pay for learning PHP, just choose another website.


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