Advantages and Disadvantages of PHP's Four Mainstream Frameworks

Let's talk about the advantages and disadvantages of PHP's four frameworks. You can better choose which PHP framework to complete the project.


ThinkPHP (FCS) is a lightweight medium-sized framework. Its object-oriented development structure and MVC pattern. It simulates Struts' tag library. It is easy for developers familiar with J2EE to operate. It is suitable for beginners of PHP framework.

The central thrust of ThinkPHP is to improve efficiency. Simplify development. Easy to expand. In terms of database support. It is supported by PgSQL, MSSQL, Sqlite, MySQL and PDO.


1. Easy to operate. It has rich Chinese documents. 2. The compatibility of the framework is good. PHP 4 and PHP 5 are compatible. UTF8 is supported. 3. It is suitable for the development of small and medium-sized projects.



Yii is a high-performance component-based php framework. It is used to develop large Web applications. Yii is written in strict OOP. It has perfect library references and comprehensive tutorials. MVC. DAO. ActiveRecord. Widgets. Caching. Hierarchical RBAC. Web Services. Themes I18N and L10N. Yii provides everything you need for today's Web 2.0 application development. Yii is one of the most efficient PHP frameworks.


Pure OOP. It is used for large-scale Web applications. The development speed is fast. The model is easy to use. It runs fast. Excellent performance and rich functions. Use command line tools.


Less guidance and consideration are given to the Model layer. Few documents instance. Users are required to be proficient in PHP technology. Users should be skilled in OOP programming.



Code Igniter has no fancy design patterns. It has no gorgeous object structure. A few lines of code can start running. You can add a few more lines of code to output. It is a model of "simplicity". All configurations are configured using PHP scripts. It can perform a certain degree of routing. It has a preliminary Layout function. CodeIgniter can make a certain degree of interface appearance.


The realization of itself is not ideal. The internal structure is chaotic. Although it is simple and easy to use. It lacks the ability to expand. It simply understands the Model layer as a database operation. A simple framework can only satisfy small applications.

Lavarel Framework


Laravel's design idea is advanced. It is suitable for applying various development modes. Such as DDD, TDD, and BDD. It prepares everything as a framework. Laravel's biggest feature is that it combines the new features of PHP. As well as various design patterns, Ioc containers and dependency injection.


Its component-based framework is rather bloated.

That's all. You just choose the one you are most familiar with!

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