PHP and Its Advantages in Programming Languages

With the continuous improvement of science and technology. Network technology plays an important role in today's development. The research and development of network technology is the key to the overall development. PHP language is a common open source scripting language for network development. It is the main force in the programming world. Do you know what advantages it has compared to other languages?

The original PHP was created in 1994 by Rasmus Lerdorf. As the fresh blood of a programming language. PHP has absorbed the characteristics of Java, Perl and C languages. PHP has the advantages of simple and easy to learn, wide application space, and strong portability. It is gradually being loved by network programmers. Compared with other commonly used programming languages. PHP has obvious language advantages. PHP has good operating efficiency. It can be matched with higher reliability and better portability. These make PHP a popular programming language in the online market.

1. Free and Open Source

First of all, the PHP runtime environment is free to use. And because the PHP interpreter has open source code. Therefore, it is a kind of welfare for websites with higher safety factors. They can easily change the PHP interpreter according to the requirements.

2. Popular, Convenient and Easy to Use

There are more than 200 million websites worldwide. 81.7% of public websites use PHP on the server side. It is undoubtedly the most popular programming language at present. PHP is a language that is very easy to learn and use. Compared to the C language, it adds the concept of object-oriented. It also has concise grammatical rules. With the built-in commonly used data structure, the usage method is simple and convenient. It is not only practical, but also flexible.

3. Extensive Database Connectivity

PHP can establish connections with many classic and practical databases. For example, ODBC, Oracle and MySQL, etc. PHP can use various editing functions to establish a connection with the corresponding database. PHP LIB is a classic base library that provides general affairs.

4. Use Object-oriented and Process-oriented Together

In the use of PHP language, object-oriented and process-oriented can be used separately. You can also choose to mix PHP object-oriented and process-oriented. This is an advantage over many other programming languages that cannot be achieved.

5. Strong scalability and implantability

The PHP language has powerful expansibility. In the database application process, all kinds of data can be retrieved from the database at will. The execution efficiency is higher. And the PHP language has good implantability. During the patch vulnerability upgrade process, the implantation of the core part is simple and easy. The running speed is also very fast.


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