The differences Between PHP and Java

The so-called programming language can be simply understood as a code that can be interpreted by both humans and computers. From the original machine language to more than 2500 high-level languages. Programming language is developing and improving all the time.

Both Java and PHP are widely used programming languages. There are many differences between them. The following article will introduce the difference between Java and PHP. Hopefully, this can provide beneficial help to everyone.

1. Different R&D Fields

For Java, it is completely object-oriented development. Its function is complete, and there are many branches. PHP is a rising star of fresh blood. It not only retains the running mode of Java, but also absorbs the advantages of Perl and C language. It's more focused on the Internet field. In addition, PHP has a unique advantage in the Web field.

2. Different Development Costs

Java Web application servers include free JBoss, Tomcat and so on. Better commercial services are Web logic and Web Sphere. PHP has a classic combination" MySQL + Apache + PHP". This is the best choice for small and medium-sized Web application development. The advantage is that the development speed is very fast. And all the software is open source and free. It does not require high capital investment.

3. The Database Access Is Different

Java is to access database through JDBC. Through the way of different database manufacturers. So that the database driver can easily access the database. However, the interfaces for accessing the database are relatively uniform. PHP is quite different in this respect. PHP uses different database access interfaces for different databases. Therefore, the versatility of database access code is not as good as Java.

4. The Difficulty of Learning Is Different

To learn Java, you first need to be familiar with some of Java's core class libraries and the basic syntax of student numbers. Its core is the object-oriented programming method. PHP is a server script language for interpretation and execution, which is simple and easy to use. So PHP is easier to learn than Java.


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