What Does PHP Do

As an open source scripting language, PHP is no stranger to every programmer. Programmers can do a lot of work in the field of web development through PHP software. For computer beginners, many people don't know much about PHP. And they also don't know what PHP does. Here is a detailed analysis of what PHP does.

In fact, PHP is hypertext preprocessor. PHP is a general open source scripting language. Its syntax absorbs the characteristics of C language, Java and Perl. It is widely used in the field of learning and Web development. Compared with other programming languages, dynamic pages made with PHP are embedded in HTML documents for execution. The execution efficiency is much higher than that of CGI that completely generates HTML markup. PHP can also execute the compiled code to make the code run faster.

In daily use of PHP, people will use Mysql tools. Mainly because you will encounter some problems in the later use of your website. When the website is getting better, the website click response speed becomes slower. Because the website contains too many things. Visitors will exit the site if they fail to obtain the information they need in time. This is a fatal blow to people. The visitor wants to provide you with information, and this information must be saved for later use. These problems can all be solved by the database. The databases of all commercial websites are designed based on SQL. Perhaps the most popular tool is Oracle. It is powerful and expensive. SQL is not an application, but a language. It is an abbreviation of Structured Query Language, used to operate and query the database.

In recent years, some companies have developed "open code" SQL programs. The most famous of them may be regarded as MySQL. It is free for people. Also, for general small and medium-sized database applications, its performance is not inferior to Oracle. To run MySQL on a website, you need a scripting language to interact with the database. So, PHP uses Mysql.

PHP+MySQL is currently the most mature, stable and secure enterprise-level WEB development technology. It is widely used on major sites. It has a mature architecture, stable performance, embedded development method, and concise grammar. It enables rapid development of the system. PHP performs well in terms of security. Accounts and passwords use encryption technology to ensure data account information security. The key data adopts multi-layer encryption technology to ensure data security. PHP+MySQL can run across UNIX, Linux, Windows NT and other platforms. It can reduce the risk of system and data migration.

The above is the relevant information about PHP. If you don’t understand what PHP does, you can query related professional information.

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