Funniest subreddits you should subscribe to

Reddit can be a bit overwhelming at the start. Where do you begin?

When you set up a Reddit account, your feed will be populated from “subreddits” – those are groups you subscribe to. The more subreddits you add, the more diverse your feed will be. If you like to laugh, you might default to a subscription to r/funny , but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Here are some subreddits to add to your feed to keep you laughing every day.


In this subreddit, they celebrate things you could never predict, usually in the form of gifs. Whenever you see a trending post from this subreddit, you know you’re in for a treat.

A wedding to remember from r/Unexpected

Smashing a walnut with bare hand from r/Unexpected


Whether it’s a lack of awareness, a slip of the tongue, or a blatant screw-up, we all find ourselves in cringe-worthy moments from time to time. The r/Cringe subreddit celebrates those momentary brain freezes, usually immortalized on video. Remember Miss South Carolina’s genius answer at a beauty pageant?

Here’s another great post, showing how rock n’ roll legend Chuck Berry reacts when Yoko Ono starts screaming like a wounded bird in the middle of a performance:

Yep. We cringed, too.


For some reason, we get a ton of headlines involving a “Florida Man.” And whenever you see a headline with “Florida Man” in it, you know things are going to be insaaaaaaane. This group highlights the headlines you need to know. Here’s a taste:

Yes, Florida Man is someone you need to keep your eye on.


While this subreddit requires a little bit of extra work (watching the recommended movies),  it’s a great place to discover hilariously bad films. Can’t get enough of trashy-weird flicks like “The Room,” “Birdemic: Shock and Terror,” or “Teen Witch” ?   This is the place to celebrate earnest/terrible movies.

It’s also a great place to follow the career of Neil Breen. And if you’ve never seen a Neil Breen movie, buckle up:


This oddly named subreddit has nothing to do with Disney. Every post is an image from WikiHow, hilariously recaptioned as something very different. For example:

How to Start a Conversation With a Tall Person from r/disneyvacation

How to Embarrass a Horse at a Sleepover from r/disneyvacation

How to transmit WiFi signals using your mouth from r/disneyvacation


You may need to pardon the harsh language, but this forum is a worthy addition to your feed. Sometimes, bad luck seems to seek out one particular person. And the result is something that looks like a targeted attack. This hilarious subreddit captures those moments of very poor fortune:

Now heres an old one from r/FUCKYOUINPARTICULAR


Sometimes, we set our sights a bit too high. This subreddit shows the result of attempts gone wrong.

For example, “There was an attempt…” to shame a man for his hobby:

Or “There was an attempt…”

to type from r/therewasanattempt


We’ve all had those moments when our hopes go up in flames. Here’s your source to watch your fellow humans (and sometimes animals) experience the whiplash of sudden sadness.

Help me… from r/WatchPeopleDieInside

Invisible magic trick from r/WatchPeopleDieInside


You know that feeling when the pizza box you placed on the counter falls off and wrecks your dinner? This is where you go to see moments of sad, hilarious realization.

I thought throwing my phone above me would make a cool slow mo trampoline video but as soon as I saw where it was going to land I regretted the whole idea. from r/instant_regret

The snow looks so soft from r/instant_regret


The title is fairly self-explanatory. This is the subreddit for the greatest wisdom black people are offering up on Twitter.

When the teacher walks up to you during an exam and looks at your paper then shouts out “guys please make sure you read the questions carefully”

— $ ₳ ₦ Ε Ε R (@Saneeer_) June 20, 2019

You know boomers had it good because their go-to midlife crisis move was buying an expensive car

— Randall Otis (@RandallOtisTV) April 25, 2019

Once I got a job I realized that my mother was right, I do have food at home


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