How to use LetGo to sell or buy used stuff

“The stuff we have isn’t always the right stuff,” laments LetGo on their site. It’s totally true; as we enter new phases of our lives – new job, kids growing up, getting that new house, inheriting gifts from family – the only way to make room for the new is to get rid of the old. If that sounds like an angry sentiment reminiscent of Kylo Ren, that’s not really what we’re getting at. It’s more like getting rid of that bookshelf that can’t hold enough books , or selling that pair of shoes that you outgrew last year .

In fact, with LetGo you might even get paid to do your spring cleaning .

What is LetGo?

Founded in 2015 by entrepreneur Alec Oxenford , LetGo is a website and app that lets users buy and sell their stuff within a configurable radius.

That’s right – LetGo is preset to your location , meaning you won’t have to pay or wait for shipping, talk to people across the country, or drive out someplace far away to pick up the package.

LetGo is the largest and fastest growing app for local buying and selling, and it’s got everything from clothes to cars to action figures. Within the first two years, the app saw 3 billion messages – which averages out to around 9 million a day – and that number has only grown. Whether you’re in Denver, San Diego, Chicago, Las Vegas, Orlando, Houston… or practically anywhere in the U.S., you’ll find deals and people willing to scoop up your old stuff.

What kind of products are on LetGo?

It’s pretty much all there, you just have to search for it! The most popular searches on LetGo are used smartphones , clothing , electronics , old furniture, vehicles , and even real estate . Just keep scrolling until you find something worth getting. Or put something up on offer yourself if you’ve got needless clutter that you won’t miss. See it magically poof into money.

LetGo has competitive deals on it all, be it a used PlayStation, your dad’s unused record collection, someone’s unwanted Samsung Galaxy, or a beat-up old board game. The app is essentially a constantly-refreshed garage sale on your phone.

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How do you buy something on LetGo?

“There’s a secret economy right in your neighborhood,” says LetGo, “and we’re your ticket in.” The beauty of the app is that all its products are displayed based on the geo-location closest to the buyer, and there’s no log in required . The app is integrated with instant chats to make your experience as streamlined and simple as can be.

LetGo was designed with the mobile user in mind, so the marketplace interface is primarily optimized for smartphones, featuring large photos of products for sale that users can scroll through as long as they wish. You can rifle around for stuff on sale nearby, or you can look up something specific if you’ve got something in mind – like a more compact, community-oriented Amazon , eBay , or Craigslist . You can swipe between other users’ profiles, ratings, and reviews, too, if you want some idea on what else they might have for sale.

Buyers on LetGo can easily nudge the sellers, with auto-fill button prompts like “is this item still available?”, “what condition is this in?”, or “is the price negotiable?” to initiate a conversation with them.

After you’ve bought something on the app, you can choose to rate your experience and the seller, or leave a comment. Just like on Yelp , that rating will then show up in their profile on the app.

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How do you sell on LetGo?

Selling on LetGo is even easier than buying . All you have to do is take a picture of what you’re looking to sell, upload the image photo to LetGo (either on mobile or desktop) and the website will take care of the rest. Once it generates interest, LetGo will notify you of any messages or comments your post has gotten. You can also use Featured Listing to make sure your product remains a priority:

Featured listings on the #letgoapp get bumped to the top of the feed every single day!

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