Pocket will now read the internet aloud to you

The internet is full of information, all being thrown at us at the same time. Fashion, music, heartwarming pet videos, there’s just so much to see and read. Some websites like Twitter allow us to “like” tweets with articles and we can go back and see them later, and Facebook recently added their save feature for certain devices. But wouldn’t it be awesome if we could see those saved info bites all in the same place? Pocket can help with that.

Pocket was created in 2007 and was previously called Read It Later. Originally for desktop as an extension for Firefox, Pocket got hip to the times and opened up to mobile devices, both iOS and Android. The app serves as a one-stop internet bookmark, letting you go back to read articles and watch videos that you’ve saved from a bunch of different places on the web. If you see an article that you want to read but you’re on the go, you can read saved pieces while offline. It’s perfect if you’re on a plane or stuck somewhere without Wi-Fi.

Features of the app include:

If you’re not sure where to start with what to look for, Pocket has its own Discover Page with some trending articles from popular websites like Medium, Vox, and the Washington Post.

In our opinion, the best feature of the app is that if your hands are full, just tap on the image of headphones and it will read your article aloud to you! It doesn’t have different accents to choose from like Siri, but hey, it’s kinda like you just made your own podcast. Can’t argue with that.

If you’re a serial Pocket user, you can upgrade to Pocket Premium. For $4.99 a month or $44.99 a year, you’ll have:

For such a low monthly price, Pocket Premium definitely seems worth it. Get to reading!

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