The Best Browser Games for Two (or More) People

It’s been an atypical summer due to the COVID-19 pandemic: you may not have been able to travel freely, take that relaxing vacation you look forward to every year, or even meet up safely with your family and friends. However, not being able to see your friends in person doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with them. Fortunately there is video conferencing, and for entertainment, there are lots of great multiplayer games you can play on your browser . But… do you know where to find them?

In today’s article, we’re going to share our roundup of the top websites for playing video games with your besties. All of them offer titles that are playable on your browser, so you can forget the hassle of downloading and installing big files. We hope you like them!

Before you start playing, update your browser!

Whether you use Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Opera, Brave or any other browser, it’s extremely important to update your browser before you start playing video games on it. That way you’ll make sure your online games run smoothly, your data is protected, and there are no security holes .

Updating your browser couldn’t be easier. Some browsers update automatically, so no further steps are necessary. Others can be updated manually by clicking on the “About” menu to find out which version you’re using.

If you’re not sure if your browser is updated, you can always download the latest version directly from our website. You can do it quickly and safely below.

Action games for two or more players

Let’s start with action games . This category includes a number of first-person shooter, battle royale and war games that you can play against your friends without having to download anything on your computer. Let’s have a look!

Bullet Force

Bullet Force is an impressive first-person shooter that closely resembles the classic Counter Strike. With its amazing high-definition graphics , it never seems like you’re playing a browser game. To start playing, just create a game and select the maximum number of players. Next, invite your friends or wait for some strangers to join your game. Let the fun begin! Want to try it?


DarkOrbit Reloaded

If you love MMOs and want to play space wars with your friends, check out DarkOrbit Reloaded . In this sci-fi title, you’ll embody a space trader or pirate . Explore the universe in your very own spaceship, and invite your friends to join your adventures as you fight to become the best in the galaxy.


Helmet Royale

Do you like battle royale games? Are you a fan of 16-bit graphics? Then you’ll love Helmet Royale! This original browser title will immerse you in a fierce battle against your friends and other players with fun retro graphics . Gameplay is easy: just create your character, arm yourself to the teeth, and head to the battlefield to fight your friends. Be sure to check it out!


Tanki Online

Tanki Online is a perfect choice for tank-battle fans who are looking for alternatives to the classic World of Tanks . This browser game differs from others in that its battles put realism aside to offer tons of action and tough challenges. Tanki Online lets you personalize your tank and arm it to the teeth to defeat your friends. If anything, this game stands out for offering an extraordinary arsenal to annihilate your rivals.


Role-playing games (RPGs) and adventure games for two or more players

If you’re a fan of adventure or role-playing games, you’ll be pleased to know you can play many of these titles with your friends right on your browser. Due to their popularity, most of the games you’ll find are MMORPG, so start polishing your sword and inviting friends to join you for an adventure!

Bit Heroes

Bit Heroes is an MMORPG inspired by the classic 8 and 16-bit role-playing games, so it’s perfect for anyone who’s nostalgic for retro games. Create your own hero and join as many friends as you wish for all kinds of missions. If you like playing Bit Heroes on your browser, you’ll be pleased to know this game also has versions for Steam and for Android and iOS phones.


You can download the versions for PC and Android below:

Drakensang Online

If you like MMORPGs , you’re probably well-acquainted with Drakensang Online . This game has been dazzling fans of the genre for years with its gameplay and stunning graphics. Clearly inspired by the classic Diablo , Drakensang Online lets you create your own character and explore dungeons in the company of friends. Play it on your browser or download it directly to your hard drive.



RuneScape is easily the world’s most famous and popular free MMORPG . You’ll be transported to the magical world of Gielinor, where you can have as many adventures as you wish alone or with a group of friends. Since it’s fully playable on your browser, RuneScape is probably the most interesting choice for fantasy fans. Feel like playing it this summer?


You can download the version for PC below.

Strategy games for two or more players

Strategy games have always been a fun activity for groups. There are all kinds of options, ranging from games where you build cities and gradually usurp territory from your rivals to titles where you have to come up with the best strategies to defeat the enemy .


Freeciv is the free version of Civilization , Sid Meier’s long-standing and critically acclaimed strategy series. In it, you’ll build your own civilization from scratch and lead it to glory. You’ll have to establish cities, make cultural advances, create an army, and gradually conquer more territory. Freeciv’s browser version works perfectly and lets you play with your friends in real time or with the interesting option of taking one turn per day .


You also have the option of downloading this game below.

Forge of Empires

Forge of Empires is another great strategy game to enjoy on your browser. In it, you’ll build your very own civilization and make it advance from 5000 BC until present day. You’ll need to obtain resources , expand your cities, make improvements, and of course, destroy your adversaries . While Forge of Empires is a bit simpler and more conquest-oriented than Freeciv, it’s an entertaining title you can play with friends around the world.


Little Wargame

Little Wargame is an ideal title for fans of real-time strategy games and especially the classic Warcraft . This title has nice retro graphics and simple yet challenging gameplay. Playing Little Wargame with a friend is as easy as going to the website and creating a multiplayer room. Once they join, the fun can begin!


Board games for two or more players

Last but not least, there are lots of board games you can play on your browser. Since they don’t need powerful graphics, there’s a wide variety, which makes them perfect if you’re looking for quick online games to play with your friends.


CardzMania is not a game, but a portal where you’ll find all kinds of card games to play on your browser. Canasta, Texas Holdem, Hearts and many more fun options await you. Best of all, you don’t need to register to start playing!



Lichess is the perfect website for chess fans. Here, you can not only play this sport for brainiacs on your browser, but also join a big community of chess players and chat about your moves.


Catan Universe

Catan is a classic board game that will never go out of style. As you might have guessed, Catan Universe is a convenient website where you can enjoy sessions of this fun game with friends all over the world.


Pinturillo 2

Remember Pictionary ? In this fun game, players would guess a phrase written on a card based on their teammate’s drawings. Pinturillo 2, the browser version of this hilarious game, lets you chat, draw, and laugh with your friends even if they can’t visit you at home.


Trivial Online

Our final pick is Trivial Online, which, as you might have guessed, is a browser version of the fun game of Trivial Pursuit. It’s perfect if you’re looking for a fun after-dinner game to play while chatting with your friends.


We hope you liked our roundup of multiplayer games to play on your browser . What’s your favorite game? Tell us about it in the comments section!

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